About Me


My name is Sonya Alcock and essentially im a country girl.. I live in rural NSW and share my life with our three adult children, along with my hubby. I am very blessed to have my mum, dad, siblings and family in-laws all live near by,I also have lots of nephews and neices close by as well so I try and remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have them all close..

I have enjoyed my addiction to all things paper for some ten plus years. In this time I have become a mad collector of many beautiful things.. Designer Papers, Ribbons, Stamps, Inks & embellishments oh and tools of the trade, seriously one can never have tooooo much stuff!! I have had the pleaseure of sharing my knowledge for a number of years teaching classes in all things papercraft.

Yep, im one of the lucky ones that has a amazingly supportive family when it comes to my addiction! Sometimes its quiet the family affair..having a sister, two neices and two sister in-laws that also enjoy the passion, our crafting get togethers are always something to look forward to.

I currently work in retail mamagement and have recently returned to study.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I’m sure I will enjoy bringing it to you…


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